Publisher Payout not paid. Says still pending, was due on Jan 8th. Not in Uphold

email: [email protected]

I am a publisher and have not received this months payment yet.

Please advise. Thanks.

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Hi @playferkeeps,
Thanks for reaching out.

Just to make sure.
First, did you already verified you Uphold account? There some changes recently that require publishers to have a verified Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts

Also, there will be another pay out some times this week IIRC. Apologies for the inconvenience.

cc @asad for additional assistance.

Hi ,
if u are a verified member in uphold there is an another pay this week (i am waiting me too)
if not verified yet , click the link montioned by @eljuno
just patience @Asad and the brave team do the best , brave is in the evolution phase we all need to work toghter to let brave be the number one

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Thanks guys I was indeed not verified, I am now verified.

Where can I see the payment schedule to see that there is “another coming this week” ?

Thanks in advance.

There’s no payment schedule per se beyond the one displayed on your dashboard – this secondary payout is going to be one we do manually :slight_smile:

@Asad has this taken place yet? Still nothing in uphold.

Hi there,

Sorry, not yet. Our plan was to do so by last Friday, however we are putting a press release together that we’d like to release along with the second payout. Should be by the end of this week, at the very latest.


Thanks I will keep an eye out towards the end of the week

Still no payout. Delayed again???

the payout in 8 febrary 2019

I know that. Please read above.

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