Brave Verified Publisher not receiving payment

I’m a verified publisher through my website and youtube channel.
During the last payout (28/10, I think), my balance of 25 BAT was supposed to go to myself (I wanted to try this first before telling about it to my subscribers).
Well, payment was sent out (my balance is 0) but I have nothing on my account. What is happening?

Hi @leobraveforum, can you check inside your Brave browser for a contribution receipt/history? That way we can see what day the contribution was ultimately processed and if it went to the correct channel.

Secondly, please note that there is up to a 7-10 day processing time on contributions from the browser until the time it appears in your publisher dashboard. Since you said the contribution was on October 28th, it could be that you were just a little unlucky and the contributions will come in during the next payment period.

That said, you can also PM me your publisher account (e-mail that you use) so we can look into whether there are any payments pending to you and what happened.


Hmm I don’t think I can… that was on the Muon version which I know have uninstalled… I’ll PM you my account. Thanks!

it almost always takes me 30 days to get payment not 7-10. my last payment has not been received either ill give it another week thou.

I don’t get it… I have a “Pending Payout” of 7.12 BAT scheduled to be deposited on 12/8. But where? Uphold?
And why 7.12 only? There is no info on statements whatsoever…

Hi @leobraveforum,

Publishers payout date is haooens once a month at/before/after 8th of every month. It’ll be automatically sent to your Uphold wallet.

Hope that make it clear for you.

OK, but what about the “7,12 BAT” that does not add up?

I dont received the payout too, can you help me @Asad @LaurenWags?

I did, but as I mentioned before, not the correct amount.

Hi @Erickson1504, @leobraveforum,

Might take a couple more days. The 8th is a fairly rough estimate. I will check in with the ledger team though.

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