Didn't recived bats for February

Hi I didn’t recived payment for February.
Yes-my wallet verified. Yes- KYC is done and passed. Yes-i did recived previous payment always on time(except for February 2020). Yes- it was said payment on the way. Still up to day 11 of March 2020 still nothing at uphold.
Thank you for your effort and spend time on this matter!!!

Which BAT @Bogdan777?

Ads earning or publisher payout?

First of all thank you for your time!!!
And answer is publisher payout. It was more then 5 bat worth defenetly.
Thank you!!!

i read lots of problems with uphold wallet. Have you tried using different wallets?

From what I know there is only uphold wallet we can use it.

Thanks for the confirmation. Please continue the discussion here March 2020 Publishers Payout Megathread