Brave connecting to Gemini still not working, was promised today

The reddit post at the top of Brave community claimed the Gemini link would be up Monday, but here we are. I still can’t connect. Any updates mods? @Mattches @steeven @GreenBananaPorridge

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now its 08:03 7 february 2022 in san francisco

working day starts at 09:00


Hi @akent22, we’re still expecting it to be re-enabled today.


thanks, @steeven !!!

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Just re-enabled my Gemini wallet 3 minutes ago. All good now.

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I verfified now my to but the bats disapeared, is that normal? will they be credited after some time?

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Now Received my BAT in Gemini Wallet :+1:

I have the same issue just verified my gemini account now and BATS have dissappeared I assume to the Gemini Wallet but nothing is showing when I check in the Wallet? @steeven

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When opening a new tab you should be able to see January rewards status, but if not you should still get your payment. Next month, take a snap shot of your earnings so you have proof if you don’t receive them. When I didn’t receive my payment last month I didn’t take a picture, but @steeven followed up with me and sent my payment.

My last month’s payment got stuck and after raising an issue, I was told that such failed payments will be re-initiated once the connection is back up. Will I receive that payment along with this month’s payout or later?

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Even my gemini has been verified and linked to my brave browser :slight_smile:

So should I be receiving BAT rewards directly to my gemini account? Just curious since I’m a new user.

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Did you have to claim it.
Usually I didn’t Need to claim but today I had to claim.
Is it normal?

Did you have to claim for gemini also?
Because till now I didn’t need to claim but today it showed option claim now is it normal and I recieved less bat

Also, can I connect both my phone and pc’s brave browser to my gemini account to receive the funds there?

You can connect pc buy android doesn’t support gemini only uphold.

Yes, you will get brave sent directly to your Gemini account. It can take a few days, so if you don’t have it in 3-4 days DM the mods. I had to do that last month and they got me my BAT after some back and forth.

Re-sync just worked for me. All good for you now too? @akent22

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yes it worked for me as well! Good to see you again on the boards!

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i am havving the issue that till now i never had to claim tokens to send them to gemini but today i had to and i recieved less it common?
My wallet is connected to gemini

how long did it take to receive after you claimed them,? Just claimed mine about 5-10 mins ago and waiting to receive

i recieved like 2-4 mins after

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