PSA: Gemini is down AGAIN!

Hey everyone I just wanted to go ahead and share a notice that I had been given by somebody. I have not been able to verify this with Gemini yet but I wanted to share it here for anyone that has Gemini who may not have received their payment yet. Supposedly Gemini is having issues on their side and are working to repair it. The information that was provided to me is in the screenshot attached below. I am hoping that Gemini will return my email within 24 hours so I can update this with more accurate and current information.

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And just to update, I did receive an official response from Gemini

Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out.

Currently, the integration with Brave is temporarily down for maintenance. We aim to restore up-time soon, we don’t have an specific time frame as of when is going to be working again.

Hope you found this helpful.

Onward and Upward,

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I got the same message more or less and asked them for a time range and received this…

These types of issues may take longer than usual. In cases you want more information, please contact Brave support at › en-us.

@steeven Are you aware of this issue? My last response from them was 21 hours ago. I’m not sure if it’s still down or what’s up? Also no clue if it affects payments that they should have been processing and delivering to users?

Thanks for sharing @Saoiray, I was not aware. Will check in with the team and report back.

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AH, their most recent response to me is as follows:

|### Gemini| Sun, Feb 13, 11:52 PM (9 hours ago)||

to me


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Hi There,

Thank you for following up with your request!

We will notify our customers if we are integrating Brave back again. For more additional details regarding your request, please get in touch with Brave customer support

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Onward and Upward,

In that one, I’m wondering if it was a language barrier. I mean if we are integreating Brave back again makes it sound like staying down. But I wonder if perhaps he meant if entering maintenance again. Oh well, guess now it’s just waiting while Brave and others look into it.

Thanks @Saoiray, reviewing.

do you have any new updates about this issue? :slight_smile:

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