PSA: Gemini temporarily down for Canada and Singapore

I just had someone from the Rewards team reach out to advise that the connections for Canada and Singapore are temporarily down (again) for Gemini. As always, they aren’t able to share specifics, but advised it’s something Gemini is fixing. We will be waiting for that to be resolved, with the hope/goal for it to be back up and running next week. (That’s not a promise on timeframe, only sharing hopes and goal here)

Apologies for the inconvenience, especially as your countries had just regained support to Gemini a little over a week ago. Hopefully once this issue is resolved, there will be no more problems for everyone.

For those unaware, Gemini ended up going down for everyone not long after this issue occurred for Canada and Singapore. It’s currently being worked on. They are hoping to have Gemini back up next week, but nobody knows if that will be Gemini for USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Singapore, if it will be USA only, or which combination of countries will be on once they get it back.

I’ll try to update this topic when we learn more.

Also a reminder, this is only impacting people trying to connect Rewards to Gemini. If you’ve already been connected while it was active, you should still be receiving payments.

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