What happened to gemini support in canada?

i’ve been using brave for almost a year now and i’ve been verified with gemini in canada for almost as long but lately i’ve noticed that my gemini link isn’t working and my rewards aren’t properly loading only to find out that gemini isn’t supported in canada since december. i’ve already earned a nice little chunk of bat and i’m not looking to move it to another service but if push comes to shove i may have to

i was hoping someone might be able to shed a bit more light on the gemini situation though, this seems really sudden and kind of unfair to people like me who have their bat and other cryptos in gemini already who suddenly can’t earn more bat

Well, its some issues with Gemini which caused this. Not much info about it officially. I guess I saw a post where @rodrige said that there’s news of Gemini might go bankrupt soon, so don’t know. @Saoiray any ideas ?

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