Any update on Gemini linking issues and rerunning payments?

@SaltyBanana @Mattches @steeven I was hoping to get a response from the mod team about a statement @SaltyBanana made. I was told that there are linking issues with Gemini and that this was being worked on. Any updates? Is the plan to still rerun payments?


I also wanna know I disconnected my gemini with rewards yesterday and it is not connecting again.anyone knows what is this?


I am also having troubles.

It is a great experience using the Brave browser although this feels a bit weird.

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i too have been experiencing this issue for a few days

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Same issue. I haven’t been paid for November or December. My wallets verified with Gemini but I can no longer connect the wallets and receive an error, and I am not getting ads anymore since December 15th.

I’m thinking of switching browsers. The fact that I had to agree to allow Brave to view my account details, my balances, and my trade history just for them to stop giving me rewards and payouts really makes me wary and not trust Brave anymore.

If you want to charge people for ads and promise to pay users for their attention to view those ads, then follow through and pay out to the users. Almost seems like the rewards were used as a phishing expedition to gain access to users account details and history outside of Brave. Makes me very suspicious.

Almost like giving Petsmart access to viewing your bank account to get Pet Perks.

Seems odd that a browser that advertises to be centered around privacy would be asking us to view our private financial information…


They wrote, will be up by mid next week again


Where did you see that?

Here on reddit there is a update from 22th

Bro I wanna ask you something?

Tell me, what do you want to ask?

Bro do you use gemini?

I want to ask you that I was using gemini basic trader then I saw a video which showed that using active trader reduces fee so I started using active trader now I am switching between I use active trader only when I buy or sell any coin.

I also wanna ask that I used market type order in active trader and I was having 2.53 dollar in my balance I bought a coin for 2.53 but I don’t know if fee was deducted if fee is not deducted can they charge me after order is completed?

Bro??? Are you there???

The fees are always shown on the bottom, near the button where you proceed

I wanna ask can they charge after the order is filled?

And can I switch between basic trader and advance trader as I like or not??

All fees would be charged at the time the order is filled. You won’t be charged more at a later date.

You can switch how often you want and the can not charge you later any fees, as i know

You sure? And can I switch between basic trader and active trader

Okay thank you but bro are you sure?