Profile flagged? SOLUTION HERE [working 29/4/22]

Got flagged too. I think it might be because I make pretty extensive use of browser profiles for different activities, not because I’m trying to cheat the system for another $1.50, but because having separate profiles for work related stuff, crypto related stuff etc. just makes sense for me.

Brave, please fix this. I"m rooting for you for other reasons than Brave rewards, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Please don’t alienate (prospective) users with random bs like this.


Your assumption is correct. If flagged, your earned rewards are safe and are held in limbo until you get unflagged and you get no advertisements during that period.

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I got flagged, so I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled it. Now I’m able to get ads and verify my Gemini account again. I guess that means I’m unflagged? I have no idea; but, I haven’t received any rewards since Dec. of last year.:man_shrugging:

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Why am I being prevented from receiving advertising rewards because of a wall that I do not understand and that did not originate from me? Why am I responsible for a systemic problem and why is this flag blocked for weeks or even months? This thing is a big problem. We do not have a direct interlocutor who can solve this. Our job is up to the system. I wonder if anyone here directly contacted a person who wrote about their problem? Everyone on these forums is talking to each other. Is there any problem solved? Why are we waiting for months? Thanks.



For your collection of useful info / solutions.

Thank You @Tidyyy

All I have to say is…

“D I T T O…!”

Agree 100%

I have finally quit the ads. Soon to quit the Brave Browser. The Device Limit has finally sent me packing.

Uphold and Gemini support were quick to respond, very apolagetic. And also as helpless as we are in this situation. No excuses and just wait and see replies from them.

What I find strange is when I linked to Gemini a few months back it worked for a payout. Then went back to the device limit error.?! SMFH

Ads are off on my devices now. I even inforned a few of the adverts customers paying to advertise of these issues of the horrible experiences many are having. Nothing like angry ad viewers to stifle your sales… (Flag incoming in 4…3…2… Lmao)

What at this point would a flag even matter to me. SMFH

Mozilla is up and running again on all my (Device Limit Error’d Devices) bookmarks migrated. About 20% Brave usage now. Soon to stop altogether.

I will stop back from time to time and see if anything has changed. Brave is such a great idea and experiment. One I was glad to invest my time and monies into. But since upgrading all my devices. Enter the “Device Limit” issue in Oct-Dec of 2020. It has been a nightmare trainwreck for me. I am glad to finally awaken from that nightmare. I no longer buy and trade (invest in BAT) I tell others to proceed with caution that plan to.
I have even taken BAT out of my cold wallet and removed from watchlists.

I now use PreSearch (not Brave) to earn PRE tokens with every search. And invest in several other utility tokens that do not block me with something as censor like as a DEVICE LIMIT WITH NO WAY TO UPGRADE OLD DEVICES.!

Yea, yea… I did the Merry Go Round of one device removal support tickets. I got dizzy from that never ending circle jerk and threw up… LoL

Heres to a bright future for Brave Browser.!!

I wish you all the best. I will come back in a heart beat. Purchase a few thousand of BAT again and invest in Braves future if they ever get the broken device limit issues with no way to migrate to newer devices resolved.

Thank You and Goodbye…

Krazzy Trukker™


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hey, so, one thing i would say is that brave are allegedly removing the device limits, as IanMoone pointed out in this topic. it seems like the screengrab he linked suggested this month, so maybe, if you can get over the other frustrations, it might be worth holding on for a few more weeks? just an idea

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Yep. I have stopped short of deactivating/deleting uphold as the KYC and being verified is there.

Also it was really cool going to Burger King and using the Uphold Credit Card to buy lunch a few times. Thanks for the Burger Brave Rewards… LoL

I really appreciate the reply and the passion you put into your postings here. I share that passion and want Brave to grow.

I just need to move on for a bit. No delete, just putting BAT on holiday… :wink:

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I think the title of this thread is extremely misleading and it’s content (OP) is borderline trolling. I would like to address a few things here though.

:point_up: This is correct and we do inform users when they’re unflagged that any due payments should be included in the next payout.

I hear your feedback and understand your frustration but This is a fraction of the whole truth. As some users have been saying, we are a very small support team (and team in general) tasked with assisting and responding to hundreds to thousands of individual users very single month. And we do exactly that to the best of our abilities. That said, we are human and it is literally impossible to assist everyone all the time as things are now. For example, I had a handful of DMs that I didn’t respond to as I left work last night — after responding to at least 100 today, my inbox now shows 385 new DMs:

Additionally, resolving individual users issues is not as straight forward as you may think and can often require; correspondence with other teams/team members, clearance from team managers/higher ups (which may not come immediately), cross referencing databases and other threads, and a litany of other tasks. This is in addition to our other support duties we have that are not direct interaction with our users. There is no “press this to fix everything” button and even if there was there would still be people who find a way to be dissatisfied with our service :slight_smile:

So what are we doing to address this?

  1. We are in the process of hiring additional Support team members to aid in the volume of requests we’re receiving.

  2. We are starting to funnel more users into our ticketing system as Rewards issues (in particular) are easier to track, tag, and pull data from which helps us with #3 below.

  3. We are constantly working to improve our anti-fraud detection and review process, such that less users get flagged incorrectly (as the system is not perfect) and those that do end up being incorrectly flagged can have the decision rectified sooner.

  4. We are removing linking limits for user wallets as this will help with volume in general and prevent at least some back and fourth between support and users (which, as stated above, often takes more time than you think). This is a non-trivial implementation which is why it has taken a while to bring to fruition, but I can assure you this is being worked on and will be rolled out as soon as it is finished.

Lastly, I’d like to hit on something that I’ve certainly said before — it’s easy to look at Community and see the litany of complaints/issues/etc. and think “Man I guess Brave/Rewards/everything is really broken!”. When in reality, the overwhelming majority of Rewards users see ads, earn BAT, and are paid out without any issue every single month.

To illustrate, let’s say we get 2000 users on Community saying that they did not receive a payout this month — which is already generous considering in reality, the number for that specific issue is actually far less. Then let’s multiply it by 5, just for fun — so 10,000 users claiming they didn’t get paid out. Being additionally generous, lets say by some miracle not a single one of them is fraudulent (this is literally never the case). Even then, this would represent an extremely small fraction of our Rewards user base — less than 1%! This is not an excuse, nor any attempt to say that the smaller fraction of users with issues shouldn’t be addressed. I’m simply pointing out that the smallest group can often have the loudest voice.

I do hope this helps our users understand a bit of the position we are in. We (support and Brave team in general) do value our users and work hard to assist as many people as we can with the tools and resources given to us. We are not joking when we say we appreciate your understanding and patience.

With all that, as I said initially, I am going to close this thread due to the title being misleading. For anyone in this thread:

  • If you have constructive feedback on how we can improve Community or something you’d like to see change for everyone’s benefit, please use the Community Feedback category. Additionally, you’re welcome to DM me personally with your feedback — although it may take me a while to respond (for all the reasons stated above) since I will prioritize user issues first, but I do promise to read them all.

  • If your wallet is flagged and you think that it has been flagged wrongfully, please submit a ticket using this from and we will be happy to review your case.

Thank you.