"Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged" Problem


Not sure why but out of nowhere I got this pop-up “Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged”

I already had a connected and verified Uphold account - I’m not sure why it logged me out and showed this now. Can we have a look at this and resolve it? I have seen that something similar happened to someone else in Brave Community and Community Support was able to resolve the issue.

I also had an issue of not getting ads on my PC for a while - so this explains the issue I think. I’m using the same wallet on my mobile and it’s working fine.


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I am also having a similar issue. Would be great if a clear way to resolve this was given.

Any update on this support team?

+1. been having problems since november’s payout, which got manually credited, then absolutely nothing since (and no help from the team).
it’s really sad because the lack of communication is really crippling the community imo; instead of being like “oh hey we updated the rules so some people might get flagged” or “hey there’s a bit of a bug but we’re trying to work on it in the background”, or even “oh so this is why your profile is flagged”, there’s just… nothing. no responses in months and months. people still keep posting the same problems and nothing is said by anyone at brave. like, dude, just tell us there’s a problem or why we’ve been flagged, not just dump it on us via other problems out of the blue.


Mine is flagged too, without further explainations. They should give more information and a way to contest it, as this is funds that we had on our account and them being vanished just like that is upsetting

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This is the biggest issue i see for sure. Really like Brave but if things like this never get resolved it is hard to recommend it to friends

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100% agree.

“oh yeah so i use a browser called Brave and it’s good 'cause it blocks ads and trackers and w/e and you earn a tiny bit of crypto whilst you’re using it, but if things go wrong out the blue like they did for me then you’re totes screwed and there’s no explanation”
“so why you still using it?”

We’re still using it because in spite of everything, it’s still the best option available.

And they know that.

They know that no matter how bad they are at communicating, we’ll stick with it because it’s the best option. But just because it’s the best option doesn’t mean it’s not abuse. If another option comes along that is even almost as good, but that also has a responsive team, people will jump ship.

Same issue here! I cant link my uphold account only in one of my 2 devices.

Same issue here! Seems Brave rewards is only flagged on my cell phone though.

If your profile has been continuously flagged (your were never automatically unflagged), submit a request using the form here: Submit a request

If you are in a flagged/unflagged cycle, try to troubleshoot and see if you can determine what is causing your account to get flagged. For example, users have posted issues with some VPN providers, especially if you are changing countries frequently. You may want to try turning off your VPN to see if that resolves the issue. If you cannot determine the cause of the flagged/unflagged cycle, then go ahead and submit a request.

Good luck!

My account has been flagged, too. It’s been verified with Gemini since October 2021, and I had a bit of BAT come in from the ads, but I updated Brave to v100 and now nothing. I signed in again with Gemini, and now my account is “flagged”.

I wonder if somehow it doesn’t like VPNs, or if it’s some sort of anti-Russia thing? I (rarely, never with Brave) use Wireguard Cloudflare VPN and OpenVPN, sometimes to Eastern Europe/Russia servers. I also block updates-cdn.bravesoftware.com in my HOSTS file, as my network policy does not allow automatic updates (only manually approved ones) and Brave does not provide an Off switch for updates…

I’ve contacted support, let’s see what happens before I uninstall Brave.

I emailed Brave Support and they unflagged my account. Thank you!

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Same issue here. I can’t link my verified uphold anymore. so sad.:pensive:

Same issue here. I just checked, and it says my rewards account is flagged for iregularity or something. All I do is use my browser the same way I’ve been using it for years. To watch video content and do social media… I don’t think I even want to keep using this browser now… BAT was the only reason. All that “ad blocker, script blocker, tracker blocker” stuff can be easily added to other browsers with add-ons/extensions like UBlock and NoScript. And with the non-response we’ve seen on this issue so far, Its obvious Brave has gone the same direction as Google; where they leave you completely in the dark and no longer care anymore.

@Anonymous22 Hi and welcome to the community. Your issue is different from this topic is addressing. Just a heads up that your post may be flagged because it is off-topic (I didn’t flag you but other community members may). You can check the Help Center article linked below for updates to supported regions. Brave is working on lifting restrictions and adding custodial providers for those currently not able to verify their Rewards.

@Scarasyte Hi and welcome too! Your account may have flagged in error. Just wait to see if the flag is removed. Also, if you are verified, you might try disconnecting and reconnecting to your custodial provider. If there is an underlying issue, a new message may display. Finally, if connecting/reconnecting doesn’t work and you stay flagged for a few days, you should submit a request to support for help in unflagging your Rewards using the form below.

Hope this helps. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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