Profile flagged? SOLUTION HERE [working 29/4/22]

hello! i hope you’re having a nice day :slight_smile:

i’m Tidyyy, and i have been using Brave’s browser for probably approaching 3 years now, of which, the last 6 months or so have been terrible; problems with gemini cutting out and unable to be relinked in december, followed by problematic browser updates all year with terrible communication from the staff, which has recently culminated in my profile being flagged - through no obvious fault of my own.

i have been scouring the forums for a couple months now, trying to piece together what’s happened, why these problems are being forced on brave’s customers, but also being respectful of brave staff’s time and effort under the general understanding that these are just temporary hick-ups in the software and the systems in place, and will all be fixed eventually. spoiler alert: they haven’t been fixed so far, and are unlikely to be fixed in the near future.

as a result, i have ultimately been trying to attempt to analyse and fix the problem myself, and this is the solution i have come up with:

the solution is quite elegant in it’s simplicity; block brave’s adverts. all of them. disable any and all brave’s advertising, because brave’s business model is to sell targeted ads to companies, but to share that revenue with it’s users. if your profile is flagged, rightly or wrongly, brave is not keeping their part of the deal, i.e. paying out a small percentage of the money made from targeted ads to us - the thing that, i’m sure, lured the majority of us to brave in the first place - so we should no longer be subjected to adverts ourselves, and yet we are. this is highlighted by the fact that it is in brave’s interest to NOT pay us our cut of the advertising money they make, and so it is of no surprise to me - having experienced brave’s customer service for the last 6 months, that they are not keen to swiftly rectify any falsely flagged profiles, which is why no-one is receiving any response to the multiple posts every day about the same issue from any staff member; it is almost as if they make more money by not paying us.

as stated above, brave’s business model is to have companies pay for targeted ads. if we remove ourselves from the pool of people able to be targeted, brave’s ad revenue - at least long-term - will suffer. the difference between “active users” of brave and those participating in the ads system will also begin to appear quite jarring to potential companies wanting to advertise on brave’s platform, as the opt-outs would be a clear indicator that brave’s adverts are simply not working as intended, and it will decrease the reach of any advertising campaign a company would likely want to run; if they can target 1.1x the amount of people for the same money, why wouldnt they? that’s smart business, especially on grander scales.

the reason this is the ONLY METHOD for dealing with flagged profiles is, again, quite simple; brave’s support staff have demonstrated to me over the last 6 months that they simply do not care about us. month after month they have pushed out terrible updates that have caused it’s users problems, and every month there’s a thread saying “yes we’ll absolutely do better with communication”, yet brave cannot inform any of us why we’ve randomly been flagged despite nothing changing for us, and no timescale as to when it will be fixed. the best i have received, from @steeven , @Mattches and other support staff via a ticket was a stock-standard copy-pasta of, basically, “we dont care, shut up and see if it changes”. that’s unacceptable. and the amount of new threads created on the issue daily confirms that it’s unacceptable for everyone else too. so what can we do? well, MAKE them care by targeting them in the pocket until we get answers.

“this isnt gonna help” - yeah, probably not, but i have exhausted all other options and this is the only one that, hopefully, brave will actually take notice of.

“what if the post gets removed?” - this is a forum. the definition of a forum is to have open discussion and to share ideas. if that is dictatorially silenced, we have bigger problems than having our profiles flagged.

“what if you’re banned for posting this?” - does it really matter? the forums have been no help either way.

“this is wrong, i have had no problems with brave” - good for you, buddy. enjoy. come back to this thread when you DO have a problem and nothing is done about it for 6 months.

step-by-step to block all brave’s ads (will be updated):

  1. click the three lines in the top-right of your browser and select ‘brave rewards’ from the menu.
  2. next to ‘brave private ads’, toggle the slider to OFF
  3. when you do this, you may see a little pop-up like this:

    read it, chuckle to yourself, then close the brave rewards tab.
  4. open a new tab. at the bottom you should see a ‘customise’ button with 3 horizontal lines next to it. click it.
  5. in the pop-up that appears, under the default ‘background images’, turn ‘show sponsored images’ to OFF
    6)(OPTIONAL) in the same pop-up, hit ‘cards’ at the bottom on the left, then scroll down on the right to the final section, ‘cards’. turn this to OFF.
  6. forget about rewards and get on with your life.
  7. (OPTIONAL) some time in the future, try signing in to your custodian (uphold/gemini) from brave to see if your profile is unflagged, and if it is, optionally reverse this process.

if you have more ideas on how to remove more ads from brave, feel free to post them so i can update this step-by-step guide for all those who follow.

in closing:
thank you for reading this forum post. i can only apologise that this is probably not the solution you would have liked, but i hope you can appreciate that i have used my time and patience trying to find a solution to the problem you are facing, with absolutely no success, and so i hope to save your time in sharing my experiences and solution.

i personally believe this to be a bug in the flagging system, but whilst brave continues to make money off us whilst not sharing the spoils, they will not be in a rush to fix it. hopefully, together, we can change that.

with love,


I can see you put a lot of effort into writing this, thanks for caring so much.

I will not be responding to 99% of it — I will however say that I’m looking at the wallet ID you sent me in our DM, and you seem to have sent the incorrect wallet ID.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at your case, please respond to the DM I’ve just sent you. If not, I hope you have a wonderful day.


I started reading your beautiful story, and I was actually interested in what solution you wanted to share with us. I stopped reading at this statement.

Your assumption is invalid, simply because Brave is not paying us anything, nor sharing what they receive from the advertisers. Brave is giving us rewards in the form of BAT. BAT costs peanuts to Brave. They can mine as much as they want.

Thus, I do not see why should Brave have interest in blocking profiles or denying rewards.
If you would understand, at least a bit, of business, you would know that damaging their image, in exchange of some BAT, would not be their best interest.

Sometimes it is worth to slow down our emotions, cool down a bit, and analyse things in more mature and imparcial way. Your story could have been so much more interesting :smiley:

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hey, thanks for your reply!

just a couple of things that i spotted in your statement:

BAT costs peanuts to Brave. They can mine as much as they want.

i’m not sure this is true. i dont know the exact tokenomics of bat, but coinmarketcap has a listed max supply of 1,500,000,000 and a total supply of the same. to me, this means that the supply is already out there and no new tokens will be minted, although i am honestly unsure if that is set in stone. with that in mind, i was under the impression that brave buys bat tokens to distribute monthly, but again, i could be wrong. if that is the case, then it would be in brave’s interests to shave off a couple $ of the rewards expenses every month and not have to share the ad revenue with people.

damaging their image, in exchange of some BAT, would not be their best interest.

i agree. however, i dont think brave’s image is currently being damaged, because as far as i have seen, this issue is being swept under the carpet with little/no response from support staff, and the limited responses being stock-standard copy-pastas of ‘wait’, as stated. to highlight the problem and unfairness of the situation is exactly the reason for me posting - so it cannot be ignored, so it cant just be swept under the carpet, and so the hundreds of people who have posted on this forum with exactly the same problem have some form of a solution.

Sometimes it is worth to slow down our emotions, cool down a bit, and analyse things

i’ve had 6 months of chilling and analysing the situation and nothing has been done - the problems have persisted all year and are only getting worse, with even less communication - as stated in the prologue. believe me, this isnt exactly how i’d want to spend my fridays, but something has to be said because this, to me, is unacceptable.

thank you again for your input though. it’s good to share views from all sides in the hope we can open up a real discussion.


I solved this case by uninstalling Brave and reinstalling again

I lost a lot of BAT, but solved it…


:thinking: this is just free speech…a user is giving his point of view and is explaining it as detailed and clearly as possible…and I believe that he and many others have those ideas due to the silence or lack of information that Brave’s mods must give users, when they come here to ask about some failure in the collection of rewards for viewing advertising…a reorganization is missing and there is a lack of people who can attend to user complaints…customer service in few words. I’m sorry for the 2 or 3 mods that sometimes appear to give some help, but this really got out of hand friends


yeh…flaged too when created account on gemini…
So FU Brave !!! no adds showing to me…plus changing webrowser

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i’m honestly not sure how long i’ve been flagged for - i’ve been having trouble with rewards since december but was seemingly connected to gemini with no payouts until march when i tried to switch back to uphold. i was having problems connecting there too so cleared cookies, updated, etc and the ‘flagged’ message appeared about a month ago, yes.

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yeah, as @BulokIPBanned69 said, i think by doing that you’ve deleted the flagged profile, so it might have been easier to do that instead of reinstalling.
regardless, it’s not a real solution in that you shouldnt be made to delete a profile and lose bat because of a false flag. also i think creating profiles and linking them to your custodian takes up linking slots, and i believe we can only ever link 4 devices to an account, lifetime.

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I think I’ve been flagged on January because I have not received the payout for December ads. Back at that time, there’s still no message saying your account is flagged unlike now, so I just base it on observation. So I DM the admins and provided the correct info, and after around 2 weeks time, the problem was fixed.

Here’s a snippet of that said DM:

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not for long but still cross-fingers :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::


i had the same problems! nothing from dec to march, no notifications, no ‘flagged’ or anything, then one day i refreshed the cookies and got hit with the ‘flagged’ notification.

i did get in touch with steeven on feb 19th stating the problems and was ignored, and again on march 11th to which i got the ol’ “payouts are still processing!”, when they werent.

so yeah, idk what happened with my bat through those months, but i’ve now been manually unflagged by mattches and can start earning again :slight_smile:

but thanks for posting! always good to hear how others have dealt with it, especially successfully.

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curious to see what that fix is

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I have PM’d you as well. Same issue. No response as of yet.

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firstly, i’d like to say thank you to Mattches for reading my post and offering his help to me. Mattches has since sorted out my issue by manually resetting the flagged profile, and i can confirm that everything seems fine on my end right now - long may that continue.

i did ask, after my issue had been sorted, about the daily posts from other users asking about flagged profiles and why it is happening, and 7 days later i have still not had any explanation, or even a response. i did also criticise support directly, commenting that it should not take 2 PMs, a support ticket and a long-winded forum post before someone even checks whether you’ve sent a valid wallet ID, but i did not receive a response to that, either. it seems unlikely that i ever will.

so, what can we take from this? well… it seems, if you have a problem with your brave, that sitting back and just allowing brave to continue as-is will not solve anything. it seems like nobody pays attention or listens, and certainly doesnt investigate anything to do with your case if you PM support staff directly - as they often ask you to do, and the only way to have your problem fixed, undeniably in this case, is to spend time writing extensive forum posts explaining how disappointed you are with brave, it’s staff, and how you’re going to remove yourself from the entire brave ad system so brave cannot sell targeted ads based on YOU - brave’s #1 selling point.

again, it feels like an unsatisfactory answer, but has been the only solution that has worked for me.

and, if you’re reading this, i hope my experiences and explanations can help you along your path.


Yeah man I think two dudes (that I know) to answer, investigate and solve all the posts in the community is not cutting it. Brave should hire a lot more to help them. I’m recieving only partial payments for like the past 4 months with the promise “you’ll get it next month”, not to say one of my browsers stopped receiving ads and doesn’t send the payout since Jan.

I’ve made quite a few posts, DMs and don’t remember any of them being answered by the team.

The only tool I know will work at like 90% of the time is the unlink wallet form.

It’s not in my best interest Brave fail and when it is fully working I’ll be there for it.


That user has been banned several times. His “fix” is a rewards scam and implementing it could possibly cause you to be perma-banned as well. He is also from Vietnam (according to him) which is an unsupported region.

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yeah, it’s really hard to find the balance between getting some resolution and not being a pest to the support staff. i had problems for months before i finally sent a pm, then searched around the forums for another month or two waiting for a response and nothing. so like, what are we supposed to do then? keep sending messages that arent responded to??? it quickly becomes a very difficult situation to be put in, and i’d hope more staff could help solve that.

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small update: after mattches unflagged my profile, i received about a month’s worth of BAT from brave quite randomly, which i presume was the owed bat backlogue from my rewards cutting out in january. to me, this means that your previously earned rewards are safe, and will be credited when you’re unflagged, but you’re unable to earn any further rewards whilst being flagged. i could be wrong about that, but it’s the only thing that makes sense given the evidence.

and i hope that can be of some reassurance to others :slight_smile:


I wish I could get mine unflagged

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