Brave Rewards profile is flagged

My account is flagged since September of last year. Can I make something to unflag my account?

I think I have the same problem. Where did you find the notification about your flagged account?

When I try to Verify my account on uphold, the return is that message.

Ok, and how can we reach someone from the support team? Because I see this flag problem a lot on Google. And you can’t solve it yourself.

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i am also flagged. no idea as to why, but brave rewards have been messed up all year for me.

hopefully brave can see all these false positives and reset our accounts back to normal with some compensation for the disruption.

for anyone wondering where the notification is; if you disconnect uphold or gemini from your browser (on the rewards screen), clear your browser’s cookies and cache, update brave to the latest version and restart the browser, then try to connect brave with uphold or gemini you might get a pop-up saying your account is flagged and brave wont allow it to connect. if it connects then there’s no problem there and something else is causing the no payout/ads issue.

Mine is flagged as well, for no apparent reason

the problem is mainly with uphold. they are restricting it.
i created a newly account which took almost 9 days to verify and after that verification they restricted it with connecting to Brave.
I think Brave need to find alternative of uphold.

Hi @amusearafat , thanks for sharing that.
I will contact Uphold to see if they can help with that.

Not just Uphold, it’s Gemini as well. I reached out to one of the admins/moderators and they basically just told me to wait it out…
Like that helps…

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and that waiting is is like infinite

it will be helpful if you allow us add those BAT in your dex wallet if uphold not gonna solve it.
Brave need to add this feature as soon as possible.

i dont think uphold (or gemini) is the problem here at all. they have been happy for me to connect my brave to uphold, saying “your wallet is connected to brave” before i cleared cookies and updated the browser, but brave has blocked me from connecting to any “custodian” (i.e. uphold or gemini) and tells me so when i try to reconnect to my verified uphold or gemini.

i personally am not a huge fan of either, so dont think i’m some sort of fanboy for “custodians”, but i think all the false flags can be directly attributed to brave’s software being bugged and this has been causing countless people issues all year for no good reason.

i would urge everyone with similar connection/flag problems to be asking brave questions, because it’s their software causing the issues, not uphold or gemini.

it’s from uphold side after the completion of my verification they send me this.
when i mail them they gave me 24 hour of time to respond but didn’t.

ah, yeah, that looks like a separate issue to the ones brave are dealing with rn. i’m not sure how to solve that. hopefully uphold will get back to you soon :slight_smile: but i personally have not had any problems with uphold or gemini.

i hope they solve it

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