No ads, account flagged incorrectly

Hey, second time this has happened. Was easily resolved last time, hoping for a similar resolution.

Opened a new tab to check rewards, saw that I was randomly logged out. I go to log back in, and I get the notice that my account has been flagged.

Just as last time, I use my computer to watch youtube, work, record music and gaming. The chance that this is anything other than a false flag is 0%. Would much appreciate if someone could check this out for me.

You will have to raise a ticket. I guess you must be knowing this already.
You can raise one here.

I hope you get it unflagged.

Mine was flagged, was easily fixed first time like yourself.
This time it was because of “irregular usage”. And it “won’t be reinstated”.

Trying to figure out if I’ll ever receive ads again.

I feel the same way, tbh. Oddly enough, upon opening this notification, I just now got an ad.

It must have resolved itself, as the notice had mentioned. I waited over a week last time, and nothing. So, I posted here and it was taken care of. Best of luck with your situation, it seems to be a common issue.

Log out and back in, it’ll say if flagged.
I still get Ads

Umm. If they say they’ll not reinstate that account then I guess not much can be done. If you want to earn BAT I guess you’ll have to reset Brave rewards or something.
@Aman_M @rodrige am I right?

Lol. Brave must’ve strong reasons to say this.

Not for long and definitely no payout. And I hope multiple profiles are not your friends and family. I don’t think I have anymore to add than SmartyAadi.

No I don’t share my account.
Brave is a lot more than Ads though, so I’ll continue to recommend it.

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this is the best fix for flagged accounts

@Aman_M @SmartyAadi

Since we usually only see the bad heard here, I wanted to update this with some good news. I heard back from Brave today:

I was flagged for “irregular usage” –

Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

This should now be resolved.

You will now be able to view ads and earn normally as well as verify your wallet if in an eligible region. Please note it may take up to an hour to process.

Any missed payments will roll over into the next payment period, but will not be shown in your Rewards panel currently.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Brave Team"

I want to thank everyone for their help and answers, and more so the Brave team for taking care of this timely, and it’s nice to be getting any missed payments rolled over.

To those having an issue you need to make Brave aware of the issue:
HERE is where you can


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Actually nowadays I noticed flagged accounts can still see ads, refill unblinded tokens and even redeem unblinded tokens (confirmations).

It can’t redeem unblinded payment tokens and, of course, verify.

This sounds weird but maybe is good for their metrics. :woman_shrugging:

Searching for Invalid Request R1 in the logs is the simplest way to check if you’re flagged.

Interesting. The only reason I can think of is, maybe Brave would consider them unflagging in the future, if they continued to be used. Earlier, a flagged wallet would stop getting Ads so neither Brave nor user would get their share from ad-revenue. Fair

But now, Brave can extract it’s share of ad-revenue from flagged wallets as well, that are in-use, by delivering ads. So would make sense that these wallet would be considered for the unflag.

True. But it may not be present still.

That’s the canned respond they send out to people. I received the exact same response before and my problem wasn’t fixed.

Did you follow up with another support ticket or anything?
What was said?

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