Brave profile is flagged

Hi all,

I love brave so much, that installed it on my phone, laptop, and PC. I’ve been using brave on all these devices for a while now. About 1.5 years to 2 years ago I got this message saying that my profile was flagged. I continued to use brave throughout this period, and kinda feel cheated with the rewards program, as I keep getting notifications for ADs, but no rewards. Has anyone else had this experience? I can’t even reach out to anyone, as the answer to this “error” is to simply wait. Should I just make a new account? Will I no longer be able to link it to my UpHold account?

Thank you guys for any advice.

Raise a ticket at

Raising a ticket basically will be an appeal to Brave to reinstate your account and will be at Brave’s discretion to decide whether to reinstate your account or not.

Pretty much possible that you get reply after 2nd of January 2023 cause of holidays.

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