Problems with BAT contributions

**Description of the issue: 2 things happened. First, i tried to move BAT to my uphold wallet and it worked, so I had some BATs (around 12) in my Uphold wallet. Then the next day, I received a message saying that I had spent them on auto-contribution which I am sure I never activated.
Then I have another issue. I started my creator account linked with my youtube channel but when I (or others) go on this channel, it is said that “This verified Brave creator has not yet set up his account to receive contributions from Brave users. All donations you send will remain in your wallet until it has completed this process.” Although I am certified as a validated creator
How can I end up this process? It seems to me that i did everything.

Pleasehelp :wink:

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See Acknowledgement of the Auto-Contribute issue on Brave browser

cc @steeven for assistant for this :point_up:

Did you have a verified Uphold account connected to your Creator account?

Additionally, it’ll take up to 72 hours (on desktop) for your Brave to update it’s local publishers list.

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Thanks for your answers.

I read the article for auto-contribute, it’s quite long but I will comply with the requirements.

Regarding the process, it is now much more than 72 hours. And when I go on my account, there is nothing more I can do…

For verification, the moment you finish the verification processes, you channel is verified. Your Brave will check the newer publishers list once every 72 hours (desktop) and up to 1 week (on mobile).

Additionally you can check it here

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