318/5000 Please help, I do not receive my BAT

I have this message in the browser three months ago, Your monthly payment scheduled for Automatic Contribution and the monthly tips could not be sent due to insufficient funds. We will try again in 30 days.

some solution to this problem that I have in my browser, I hope your answer best regards

This message is related to the “user end” of Brave Rewards (as opposed to Creators) – it is simply saying that you seem to have elected to donate an amount to sites via auto contribute that you do not have the proper balance for in your wallet.

and the solution which would be for the bat to arrive.

I await your response Best regards

pls turn OFF Automatic Contribution.

ok thanks, and when you deactivate Automatic Contribution, would I have to wait until August to receive the corresponding BAT?

I await your response Best regards

probably. but we have to wait and watch. if you turned Off auto-contribute, then the BATs earned by you stay with you. if it was ON, it automatically donated to supported websites. if the websites are not supported, then your Bat will return to you, but only after 90 days and IF in those 90 days the websites is verified, then your Bat were paid. .

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