Brave Wallet - Unable to send crypto

Hi everyone
I have been trying to transfer BAT from my brave wallet to my Metamask since a week and the transaction isn’t going through. This BAT is not from Brave rewards and not associated with Brace rewards in any way. I have more than 4x of the required Gas fees available in Eth. The transaction says submitted since multiple days and is not showing up on Etherscan. When I am initiating the same transaction now it says error. Please help

Send the etherscan ID to look into it.

As per your post, you have done everything correctly.

0x3f2b61cb78b8968cf03851f2c41cd82396c921eb662efc68914b158af1a727c1 that is the transaction hash for the transaction that yet says “submitted” but etherscan does not show any results for it

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