Brave Crypto Wallet is not working


I’ve seen on etherscan that the fees of $3,10 have been paid for a txn that is not done! Txn is apparently completed but my ETH funds still on the Brave Crypto Wallet. How can I withdraw these funds to an external wallet without losing my money for an unsuccessful txn, pls? Or, how can I trade them for BAT on the Brave crypto wallet?

Thanks in advance for your help.

K. R.

That Gas fee looks reasonable for your txn transaction.

I paid a bit more than that to txn about 170 BAT yesterday…

If the funds are still sitting in your Brave Crypto Wallet I think you’ll need to supply the Wallet ID brave://rewards-internals/ to one of Brave Admins so they can look into it. Hopefully @steeven @Mattches can chime in to try track down the issue?

Tkx again for your reply sphyber.

And please use only one thread to report one issue. 🤦

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