BAT Tokens missing

Hello guys,

I come here seeking for your help because I have no clue what did happen to my BAT tokens.
I did transfer them in ERC20 to another EC20 acc (being an exchange address the one who was supposed to receive the tokens).
But somehow they ended up in what it looks like to me its a BAT fund.
I did receive some try of help but they dont feel 100% safe to me, o many people trying to get advantage nowadays.
So I come here asking for some guidance on what is going on, if I made a mistake, if I can do something for solve, or anything that can help me understand what is going on.

The Tx is:

Thanks in advance

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:slightly_smiling_face: same problem facing with me :sob:

If I’m reading this right, it looks as though you’ve sent your tokens to the BAT contract and not to a destination that you wanted to? If so that would be like burning the tokens.

To my understanding seems like this.
I do not remember using the BAT contract itself, no way.
I did paste another ERC20 wallet, Im quite sure that I did it properly, but something happen, or I did something wrong.
But for sure that I did not copy the BAT contract itself.
Is there something I may have done wrong that ended with this result?


Just wondering too, were you using desktop, android or iOS?

I was using IOS, as usual

@brian Could it be possible that Brave wallet in iOS somehow didn’t pick the destination address correctly and send the BATs to the contract address itself, a possible bug?

Also, does BAT contract address has been designed to spend tokens sent to it? If yes, then maybe you guys can do something for this large amount.

Brave Wallet picks the destination address correctly, but we did post this issue to help make it harder for a user to send to a contract address

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Thanks for your time guys,

Just to clarify: it wasnt thru Brave Wallet but thru MetaMask wallet.
Im in the space for 5 straight years which doesnt make me an expert and not claiming to be but I have done thousands of transactions.
And my memory is that I did paste an exchange wallet (Kucoin).
Thats the reason Im so confused because I did not copy brave contract address. Im not telling I did a mistake in the process or doing something, but I feel quite sure about this.
Just in case this can help to clarify something.


The only thing I can think of is some kind of clipboard issue where the address didn’t copy for some reason and you previously had your BAT address in your clipboard.
I did flag it again to the iOS team though just to check again, but they’ve already checked this.

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