Problem with the Sync Code

Hey there,

I just reformatted my laptop and wanted to resync my Brave.
So what I did was I copied the sync code from my mobile phone but the problem was Brave put the 23 word code as INVALID. This is alarming as I have all my passwords, bookmarks, and history saved which I would like to use in the future.

Please help me find a way. I have seen forums talking about having 26 word sync codes which is not even applicable to me. My phone is also the latest update for Brave browser too.

I am assuming that the sync phrase you have is from a really old device. Its because the sync code has been 24 words and now for a couple of months its been 25 words with the 25th one changing each day. Also are you sure that your code is 23 words, as in you have the complete phrase ?
I guess its been 24. Just in case you have a 24 word one, try adding the word listed at
as the 25th word.

Hi @SmartyAadi ,

I have been using this device for a year. Not an old device per se. Yup I can confirm its 23 words because when I copy paste the sync code from my phone, its only that number.

Thanks for sharing! However, still doesn’t solve my case. Do you have any other ideas? :confused:

@Mattches any help you can provide ?

The Sync code has always been 24 words up until recently, where there is a rotating 25th word (that can be viewed here) . Unfortunately the most likely situation here is that the Sync code was copied incorrectly, leaving out one of the words.

Do you have any other devices on the Sync chain at this time?

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Hey there @Mattches, problem is resolved. Apparently the Sync code was copied incorrectly, which is weird because I copy directly from the code on Brave clipboard, it says only 23 words. Until I copied paste from another device and it was 24 words. Then only I could add in the 25th word method.

Thanks all for helping!

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