23 Words Sync Code (Including word of day)

Description of the issue:
I reseted my PC, and the i got the Sync code from my (iPad, iPhone, Android) which are all giving me a 23 words sync code but the browser says it’s invalid can someone help?

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Latest (downloaded today)

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
On my end I just created a new Sync chain on my iPad and viewed my Sync code, which came out to 24 words.

Not that I don’t believe you, but can you triple check and confirm that you didn’t accidentally forget to enter a word or anything like that? I’ve seen this happen from time to time.

I’m now seeing that there appears to be a bug in the word counter:

This is why it’s showing 23 words even though, if you copied it correctly, it’s actually 24. Then, plus the rotating word, the total count should be 25.

Can you share a screenshot of the error shown when you attempt to input the code words?

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@alessai If you share screenshot as Mattches mentioned, make sure the code isn’t visible



Interesting! The code is actually 25 codes if i count it myself, the code copied correctly, but the moment i paste it in the PC, it doesn’t count it, i deleted the last 3 words, wrote them manually and it registered them as 25 then i was able to sync.

I’m using:


Windows 11, 23H2

This means the issue is actually from the Desktop browser, not counting the right number of words, resulting in refusing to send it to Brave servers


Ive did the same and worked around it by removing the last two words and type them myself.
This is not a fix, but it helped to sync again.

Glad you were both able to get Sync to work. As stated above, the team is aware of the issue and will be working on a fix.

Thank you.