I Lost My Connection To The Last Device

I’ve been using Brave since early days. I have a 24 word sync code, I always have a backup.

I use it on my computer and Android phone.

I formatted my computer yesterday and today my phone malfunctioned, I had to format it too.

Right now I only have the 24-word sync code. How can I recover my sync chain?

Umm not sure. You can use the word awesome. It’s the 25th word for today.

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@Yuspedile Sync code has been 25 words for a while now. If yours is 24 words, it means yours is far outdated. If yours is 25 words, it’s important to note that the 25 word code actually changes daily, so you can’t keep it as a backup.

Good news is just the 25th word is what changes, at least for now. So typically for someone like you, can just add or replace the 25th word. One of the devs created a site where you can check the 25th word, which you just need to add/replace to the end of your phrase. Link to site is https://alexeybarabash.github.io/25th-brave-sync-word/

Todays’ word, if you want to hurry and add it, is awesome

As to sync, keep in mind their warning.

Warning: Brave does not officially support using the Sync code as a backup and you should not rely on this continuing to work in to the future. Use the export functionality in bookmarks and the password manager instead.