Invalid code sync

i formatted my disc for windows reinstallation. before this, i saved my sync code to import my settings later. but after i typed my code, it said that my code is wrong. what should i do and how to recover my data?

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If your sync Code is 24words then youll have to add the 25th word ‘bomb’
If you have a 25 word code but the last word is not ‘bomb’ then youll have to change it to ‘bomb’
That is, if you’re doing it today itself. The 25th word changes each day and can be tracked at

BRAVE doesn’t want sync to be used as an option of restoring data.

there’s only 13 words

That’s the Brave Wallet phrase I suppose

Did you have anofger code of 24 / 25 words?

no, i remember that i copied this code from brave sync, and this code doesn’t match with brave wallet

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I dont think Sync ever had a 13 word phrase. @Aman_M @rodrige @saoiray please confirm

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Did you save the sync code from brave://settings/braveSync/setup? It should not have 13 words unless you have it partially.

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Nah,. couldn’t have. Even if you go back years, such as to 2019, it was 24 words.

Here’s a link for Wayback Machine to show the site in January 2019.

Then it was changed this year to 25 words, where the 25th word changes daily.

That’s the thing about our memory, you can never be confident in it.


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