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Brave Version(1.45.118):

**When trying to show passwords in the Brave Password Manager, (by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon), it responds - Brave is trying to show passwords. Type your Windows password to allow this.
(user name).
My problem is that I set up my laptop Win10 installation to auto log-in without an account password. So when Brave asks for my windows password, I simply don’t have one.

@DonHanney If you just click Okay/Accept or whatever, does it go through?

I mean, all of your information from Brave is encrypted and stored on your device. Your password is kind of a key thing for that. As to how it works if you have no password, I’m not quite certain. Just figuring if it’s not seeing a password, perhaps just leaving blank is the answer?


Thanks for your response, I’ve tried leaving the entry-box blank &
clicking ‘ok’ but the password request window simply reloads.There is a
an option ‘more choices’, which allows the selection of a different
account, I’ve tried ‘administrator’ again with no password, but that
also failed. A message responded saying ’ blank passwords not allowed’.

@DonHanney guess I was hoping might work. Let me tag in @Mattches and @SaltyBanana to see if either might have a solution.

This is due to the fact that these passwords are encrypted (OSCrypt + DPAPI) and tied to your OS login credentials. If there is no password created, then there is no way to decrypt the data.

If you create a password to login (which I highly recommend you do anyway), you’ll be able to view the passwords.

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