Cant see or export passwords

When i go to see a password it asks for my windows password. My Microsoft account password doesnt work and i dont have a local account/password. Not really sure what to do here this is kinda annoying.

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Change your Microsoft Password dude, or else -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

But Wait a Minute, how the hell are you using the laptop if you don’t know the MS Password? Is it a stolen device?

I do have have a better method, but I don’t want to help if this is a stolen device or something.

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And BTW, if you do know the password and its not working, then maybe your are entering the wrong password.
Passwords are of 2 types: PIN and Password
So see what its asking for and enter the correct one.

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  1. Its a desktop
  2. i just spent 4500$ building it. No its not stolen
  3. i KNOW the MS password. (tested by signing out/back-in on both windows and MS website. Brave doesn’t accept the MS password
  4. it seems to want the local account password(of which there is none) and it is not accepting blank as an option(which i tried by creating a local account and setting the password to and brave doesn’t accept an empty box)
  5. i have disabled password requirements in netplwiz

P.S. It sounds like your using a local account. I want to use the windows store, move data between pcs(outside my lan)

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[quote=“Zawaka, post:1, topic:268129”]
My Microsoft account password

How about PIN used to login to your Windows PC? As it’s two different things CMIIW.

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There is NO PIN, NO local PASSWORD only MS password which i do NOT use to logon to pc(as i have set it not to do that)

I have my pc set to not have any passwords to startup or logon(except ms password which is stored but not requested to be used on startup).

Im guessing you didnt even know you could do that lol

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First thing I would check is that your Microsoft account is an administrator (ex: they’re in the local Administrators group). If that doesn’t solve anything - do you have more information about what you did in netplwiz and what is showing there? If you undo the changes you made, does it work w/ your MS user/pass?

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Yes it is admin account
i un “checked” users must enter a user name and password in netplwiz

also under sign in options i have dynamic lock off, require sign in set to never. And use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after update to on(this is MS account password)

FYI there is also only ONE account on this pc the MS windows account that is an admin

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I also just noticed that when brave asks for a password it has the user area blank, and if i select more option i can pick the ms account and the password doesnt work there and if i manualy type it in (on the first one it doesnt work either.

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Ok, since I do believe that its not stolen, I will advice you to do this:

Start a Sync chain from the settings and copy the Sync Code.
Then open brave on another device such as an android and sync all the passwords to it. Or in your case, you sync it to the required pc.

I think it should work.

@Zawaka If you’re just needing to view the passwords maybe you can make a temporary account on your machine. Hit Windows key, lusrmgr.msc and hit enter. Add a user (password_viewer lol), put that user into Administrators group, and set a password. You should be able to disable signin/logins for that account. But then I’d try using that local user account when prompted

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