Can't view my password

Description of the issue:
I can’t see/copy/edit my passwords in the Brave password Manager.
Whenever I try to access one of my saved passwords, I’m asked to enter my Windows username and password. But whenever I do this, Brave either tells me that I entered something incorrect or just refuses to show me the password. I know that I entered the correct information but it still tells me one of those things. It seems to be random which of those answers I get ^^
It doesn’t matter if I try the “eye” to view it or the “points” to copy or edit it.
Steps to Reproduce.
Go into settings->Autofill->Passwords and try to view/copy/edit a password. Brave asks you to enter your username and password. Enter those. Brave either tells you that your entered information are not correct and asks you to do it again OR acts like everything works but just refuses to show the password.
Reproduces how often:
Everytime I try it. Does this since a few days
Operating System and Brave Version:
Windows 10 and Brave v 1.24.85
Additional Information:
The autofill on websites still works, it fills in the correct username and password I just can’t see them in the settings anymore

If I click on the “eye”, Windows asks for my pin/password, Do you get a similar popup?

I click on the “eye”, I get the popup that asks me for my password, I enter the password (yes I checked that it is the correct password) and then one of two things can happen: 1. it tells me that my password is incorrect (but it is correct) or 2. it does nothing (and with nothing I mean that it doesn’t show the password I’m trying to access)

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