Windows password requirements limiting password editing on Brave (and other browsers)

Recently updated Windows 10 and found that somehow a password was added to my machine. Never had a password to logon or access anything before, so ignored it mostly, until I tried to edit some of my passwords on Brave that were outdated. I was unable to do so because Brave kept asking me to enter my Windows password, which I’ve never had. I can’t see, edit or even delete these Brave passwords, because I don’t know what Windows password would be. I tried entering the password I have for an old Outlook account that I never use, but that didn’t work. How can Windows impose a password lock on my private browsers? Seems unethical and intrusive. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

@GilG you may not have had one and just would need to. Brave does require an OS password in order to save and use any passwords. They use the OS keyring to encrypt your information so that if anything were to gain access to your computer files, your passwords would remain safe.

If you haven’t created a password, then this results in the situation you mentioned in which case you won’t be able to edit or view the passwords in the password manager, if it even saves them at all. In some cases, it will store the password and let it be available for autofill, but otherwise it’s unavailable to anyone because there’s no password. It does its best to keep your information safe.

Not sure why you’re saying that? If OS added a password, then that’s something you’d have to bring up with Microsoft and see if they can explain it. Generally nobody would create a password for your account(s) except for you.

I did bring this up with Microsoft because I specifically set my computer up so that I wouldn’t need passwords to logon or access my files. No response from them as yet. I’ve never set an OS password and never will, since I’m the only one who uses this machine. I do have a Microsoft email account tied to my Windows 10, but the password for that account doesn’t let me access my Brave passwords to edit. Other browsers seem to be doing the same, which I guess is a Microsoft issue. Passwords shouldn’t be imposed on people if they don’t want them.

Brave is going to force you to use a password if you want to edit or view your saved passwords. There’s no way around that for now. But they don’t create a password or anything.

I’m not quite sure the behavior if you don’t have a password and try to access. One of the ways you could test is just to temporarily create an OS password and see if that resolves the issue for you. If so, then we just know it’s looking for an OS password and nothing you put in is valid since you never made one.

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