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Dear Brave community/support team

I have made a brave creator account a bit more than a month a go. I good some downloads through my affiliate link which are also shown in my referral account. Most of this downloads are also made more than a month a go. Unfortunately I got not paid out for this download which leads me to the question what the problem is?

I hope you can help me here.




Hi @A_W , thanks for reaching out. You are paid $5 in BAT per confirmation, not per download. For example, let’s say you got 100 downloads but 0 confirmations. In that case, you would not receive any referral rewards because you had 0 confirmations.

Naturally, you might ask, “What is a confirmation?” Answer: A download evolves into a confirmation once the user who downloaded Brave via your link has “used the browser minimally” for at least 30 days. It could be that all 100 users who downloaded Brave via your referral link stopped using the browser after a week. Therefore, none of them ever evolved into confirmations after 30 days.

Hope that helps! Thank you!



Okay, but what does 30 days mean? Is it enough when the browser just keeps being installed on the computer or must he being used 30 days?



It means that the person who downloaded the browser continued to use it over the next 30 days. If they quit a week into the 30 days, then they will never evolve into a “confirmation”.

Hope that helps!



Ah okay, yes it does. Thank you very much for your quick answers.

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