Why don't my confirmations increase? am I banned?


Why don’t my confirmations increase? and last month I didn’t receive brave payments … am I banned? please help me

The process works like this:

  1. your referral downloads Brave browser from your referral link.
  2. your referral installs Brave browser from that download.
  3. your referral who downloaded and installed Brave then opens the browser becomes a confirmed installed 30 days from the day they opened the browser the first time.

Depending on the the date your confirmations recorded you will either get your rewards on October 8th if they had been generated in August or November 8th if they were generated in September.

Brave does this to ensure that the referrals are legit quality referrals. They could lose a lot of money from scammers trying to generate fraudelent downloads if their process was not set up this way. If your referrals are legit don’t worry, you will get paid for them. You just need to wait it out.

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