This week I got more than 20 referrals but why not count them

According to Google Analytics, last week, more than 20 users were sent to the download page with my promo code. But only one download was counted. And there is about 15 downloads that went on for more than a month. But why only 1 was confirmed? The payout of which is not showing in my account. Is there a solution to this or should I stop promoting brave.

If someone can help me, then answer it. So that I can continue working with the brave community. I’m sorry my english is bad

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@Asad plz help me bro…

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Hi there,

Any user you refer must use the Brave browser minimally over a 30 day period in order to become “Confirmed”. We only pay out for confirmed referrals. It’s likely that your users have downloaded Brave, but haven’t been using it throughout the month.

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I’m facing a similar problem, in my case the downloads count don’t appear in the “Downloaded” counter. Do you know why?

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now what is this ??? Brave team Suspended my Account… its not fair

Hi Mohit,

Please check your email as well as spam folder(s). I have sent you further correspondence regarding this.

Are you certain that your referral users have used Brave across a 30 day period? That’s what it takes to get the referrals to change to “confirmed” status.

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