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Hi, I’m new, I have a problem with the payment of referrals. I have 2 downloads and 2 installs in July; and I also have 5 downloads and 4 installations in August, which I don’t see anything reflected on that. No proof that it will be paid. I need help please. @steeven

review your account again, solution is running

remains the same, shows me the same values

Hi welcome to the Brave community @n1nzk
You can only get rewarded from a confirmed referral,Browser%20for%20the%20first%20time.

In case of July you have 2 DOWNLOADED AND 2 INSTALLED, I can see that. In order to get paid the person whom you referred and installed must use the browser for more than 30 days and after that it will be transferred to CONFIRMED. So if the person your referred- installed the browser in 18th of July then he must use the browser till 18th of August and then after some days you will see increment in CONFIRMED count and respectively you will see increment in total BAT balance. And for the whole Balance to be ready for payout and transferred to uphold, you have to wait until 10th of next month.

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