Private window TOR tab problem

Hi, I updated your browser this morning but when I attempted to use the new TOR tab function I received a message informing me that it could not connect to the TOR network. Numerous attempts gave the same result. My computer is an iMac (2017) with El Capitan and I am permanently behind my VPN so perhaps this may be the issue. I am loathe to disconnect from my VPN to see if it fixes the problem as then my ISP will know what I am up to. Any help would be appreciated TIA. BTW I use the TOR browser with no VPN issues.

Does restarting browser fix the issue?

Hopefully something from this post will help:

It’s also known that if you have a process/program already running on PORT 9250, that it might interfere. Could also be the VPN, you mentioned.

So did you look into the log ?
it can be a third party program
the clock

I’m betting on a third party program since tor browser is working

I’ve been having the same issue today some times. It works about a quarter of the time and doesn’t other times. Browser restart doesn’t fix it, but once it is finally connected it works great!

I’m not super familiar with Tor, but I was assuming that there is just limited network bandwidth and everyone trying to use brave was bogging it down! Guess that’s not the case if the Tor browser is working for you. I am not connected to a VPN, just attempting to use the Tor feature.

Hi sriram, No I have tried this a few times and the result is the same. I am pretty sure that my VPN is causing this issue but using any form of TOR without a VPN alerts your ISP to that fact, so that for me is not an option.

Thanks for your reply chriscat, Port 9250 is as you know used by any app that requires access to TCP/IP and as I have quite a few apps sharing this port it would not be beneficial for me to close them down when as I stated in my original post I already connect to TOR usng their dedicated browser. I looked into this new TOR feature with Brave out of interest only and it is not essential for me to have this brilliant new tab idea.

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Hi boistordu, Yes and I did not see anything pointing to a problem as to why this new feature is hanging up. My thoughts are that my VPN is not happy with the way that Brave is trying to connect to the TOR network and is blocking it for my protection.

To my knowledge, and I can be wrong, it’s the same tor.exe than in tor browser. And I guess that because of my glasswire monitoring tool. So I would not see why it would be your vpn.
How do you connect to your vpn? Can we have some line of the log ?

Hi rsa013, Thanks for relying to my post, You could well be correct in your assumption that the network is being overloaded as I am pretty sure that Brave will use different TOR access nodes than the actual TOR browser.

@rsa013 @Verita
For me this kind of behavior was happening when I had a faulty network equipment that’s doesn’t handle well all the tcp connections of tor. So if you have those kind of behavior, first try to connect through your cellphone 4G by activating the access point option. If you can be directly connected then it’s the equipment.
Normally if you are in a democratic country you should have enough bandwidth in tor, no problem from that part

I am using OpenVPN as it is currently the most secure. My logs are my logs and they will remain as such until the FED’s break down my door LOL.

I am using the proper TOR browser without any problems whatsoever, so this must be some incompatibility issue with Brave on some setups.

Okey so I’m assuming that you are in the US. The Comcast outage from yesterday could have been a factor in the situation just FYI.

For the log, you know you can just omit some part of the logs or delete the IP addresses right ?

Thanks again, but no thanks. I pay lots of money to keep myself as private as currently possible.

As I said to you it s the same program. It’s using tor.exe.
So if there is an incompatibility, it must be a third party level in your case. Maybe the network equipment but that’s very unlikely. I was more saying that for @rsa013

And by the way if you want help to understand the logs, since I think it’s because you don’t understand what’s in it that you are afraid to share some part, you can go to the whonix forum to fetch some help where you’ll see active contributor and activists to whonix and tor project

You are correct when you say that I don’t understand what is in it and it is for this reason that I will not let anyone see it. As I said in my original post, I am connected to TOR using the official TOR browser so this new Brave TOR function was merely me just wondering how it would size up for speed etc compared to the real TOR browser. I do hope that they get it sorted out as it is a great idea as an introduction to the TOR network. Thanks again for all your assistance.

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yeah I have no problem with that don’t worry. :slight_smile:
Just pointing out for you a ressource of informations as the whonix forum can be :slight_smile:

@Verita Can you close Tor browser and just have Brave open and see if it connects to Tor network?