Just recently "Private Window with Tor not working"

All of a sudden I am getting a “Disconnected” message when trying to create a private Tor browser window. I’ve toggled the Tor preference on and off. Tried to do the “Terminal” thing but there is no reference to Tor updates there. All other topics about this go unanswered and then Automatically Closed after 30 days.

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@armcomdes part of where things can go unanswered is because people don’t follow instructions. For example, you notice how you left all of the template empty?

Things like which OS you’re using, which version of Brave you’re experiencing issues, etc are incredibly important.

As for when I went to test:


A lot don’t necessarily go unanswered. The issue is that people just stop providing information, such as at Tor private window has stopped working - now always "Disconnected" I asked them what they had tried and they never replied.

And there’s also a decent amount where people do similar to you, where they just don’t provide necessary information and people don’t feel like having to spend a lot of time to ask a million questions before finally arriving to a place where they can help. So it will get ignored in preference to topics where people have provided necessary and relevant details.

If you go to Private window with Tor disconnected they don’t mention which version of Brave they are using. But they do share they have High Sierra, which to my knowledge is no longer supported by Brave. This means they may actually be using an outdated version of the browser and features therefore aren’t working right.

What terminal thing? I have no idea what you’re speaking about and not sure anyone else does either. It helps if you can help expand on this a bit.

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