Please, can you make not freezing and not crushing on 79% of RAM used?

I`ve seen many browsers on chrome basis, and all of them have that trouble. ~80% of RAM on windows 7 used, and something bad happens. Usually main process of browser become suspended, and sometimes its fixable. But the brave more often just instant closing, on 78-79% of RAM, as windows task manager shows. Only pure chrome couple times has not crushed on 80%, but crushed on ~90%.
So it is not just bug, its fundamental loose of whole chrome project. Final boss of all chrome bugs, so big and fat, that no one start fight with him.
And if you solve that monster problem, brave become best of the best in productivity too!
When i imagine browser that never freese and never crushes… That is so sweet dream!
Can we have that feature please?

Today my brave crushed again, on 84% of RAM.

Today my brave die on 77% of ram.

Today strange thing happens.
When about 80% of RAM used, brave become unresponsible, but youtube video playing in background tab have been heared well.
I close 3 another programs to clear ram.
On 74% of RAM ive try to switch on brave window with task manager to kill some processes of brave, but in this moment sound of youtube video stopped and brave magically disappeared!