Brave uses MORE RAM than Chrome

Hello team, I have just recently installed Brave for the first time in my computer because I was told it’s great. My company uses Chrome as the main browser but I’m tired that Chrome uses too much RAM so, I decided to try Brave.


  • Brave -> Version 0.68.139 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Chrome ->Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Laptop -> Lenovo X1 Carbon, i7 vPro 8th Gen, 16GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit, x64-based processor

I have opened & refreshed the same 4 tabs in Brave & Chrome but it seems that Brave USES MORE RAM than Chrome and more Processes than Chrome


WHY is this? Brave is supposed to use less RAM than Chrome, not more :weary::tired_face::persevere::sob:

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shield, reward and tor so a bit more but i think the more you use both chrome always over takes. I am saying this from personal experience. @Mattches help him with the command line to disable shield, reward and all the extra

Note that, in the image you shared, it looks like you’re running ~20 Brave processes and ~15 Chrome processes.
If you open a Guest window (so that both browsers are essentially “fresh”) in Brave and Chrome, both set to a New tab page, observe the task manager again and note whether or not you see the same difference in memory.


@Mattches, thank you, please see image below. I have opened the same 11 tabs in both browsers and also one new tab as you requested:


I turned off Shield on all the tabs as @Dgenies mentioned too but as you can see in the picture, Brave uses more Ram and also opens more processes than Chrome for some reason.

I’m just trying to verify if this is normal or If I should stay with Chrome. Thanks.

Again, can you try running the two with identical settings? The simpler the conditions better (so maybe just one tab, rather than all the ones you have open).

Try testing both browsers in private window mode, with no extensions enabled (since extensions will skew the results)

I’m back at my office. I have tested what you requested as shown below:


As you can see, there is only the default tab on each broswer and Brave uses almost the double of RAM as Chrome and more processes.

I tried what you requested as shown below:


Even when both loading in “private” mode and with no pages loaded, still Brave uses more RAM than Chrome & more processes

Not as bad you’d think given the features like Sheilds built in

Didn’t he say he turned off all extensions? So with everything off, what is Brave giving you for double the ram?

i don’t think shield can be turned off @Screwdriver

I don’t use Brave for it’s RAM capacities, but stopping feeding information to Google Corp!

You could try opening the in-browser task manager to see which processes is taking up your additional resources. Menu --> More tools --> Task Manager

I should also have noted that there are other extensions that come with Brave that aren’t disabled by default, such as Hangouts and webtorrent.

In addition, we do have an open issue here surrounding Rewards extensions as (apparently) they’re not being offloaded even when disabled:


Thank you, and yes, I dissabled Hangouts & webtorrent but the problem still persist.

So, regarding “Rewards”, I think that could be one of the big reasons If not the main one. Again, thank you for your support.

I guess I’ll keep reading the updates while I keep using Chrome

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Looks like that issue is put on ICE with no development on it.

Word on the street is Nightly Dev and Beta are all better than Stable on memory use. The release waterfall will flow to Stable soon but if people seeing memory overuse can test the upstream channels to see if it helps their observed use, please do.


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