Brave is unusable now. It just cant be browser of choice for professional users

Today strange thing happens. When about 80% of RAM used, brave become unresponsible, but youtube video playing in background tab have been heared well.
I close 3 another programs to clear ram. On 74% of RAM ive try to switch on brave window with task manager to kill some processes of brave, but in this moment sound of youtube video stopped and brave magically disappeared!
Chrome base of brave eats ram as langoliers, and on ~80% of ram used, all work just crushes.
I understand, you cant fix ram eating problem of chrome. But why you dont do nothing with thing that ALWAYS happens when browser eat ram till 80% of system ram used?
Tabs autokilled like in 10% of times. About 50% of times tabs become suspended (gray in process explorer), with whole brave suspended too! And if you unsuspend browser tab - BROWSER INSTANT CRUSHES allmost always!
And about 40% of times whole browser just crushes instantly!
This bug completely DENY all your work. Browser unusable -> all your work is not needed.
Please, fix this! I really like brave, i want future for him!

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This new “feature” is incredicubly frustrating. Killing off random tabs is destructive and we should be able to turn this off. Or protect important tabs from being killed.

It’s not great when your video conference tab is killed while you are presenting because it’s in the background. Will be back to use Brave when this is fixed!

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