Brave using a lot of ram[PLEASE READ BELOW]

I’ve been using brave for a solid 5 to 8months now and this problem started popping up recently, So one day brave started buffering and I turned off hardware acceleration, But then brave started using a lot more ram than chrome.

I re-enabled hardware acceleration after looking at how much ram brave takes, Now its buffering a little bit, Not as much as before but still buffering which isnt very convenient

OS:Windows 10

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This pic includes all hidden processes. I don’t seem to be having any performance problems myself but I can see that’s quite a lot of RAM.

Is this about what you’re getting, or even worse?

While Hardware Acceleration is off im getting way more ram
1 youtube video=2GB combining ALL instances and one of the instances is 1.1GB which also starts making all my fans go insane, It sounds like playing a 4k resolution game on a pc that has no graphics card
When hardware is on, It is totally fine but causes buffering every now and then, which I can work with but back then my error was It was freezing every few seconds, Now its freezing every few minutes.

Its not solved yet because i dont want it to start buffering every few seconds again which could very much happen

Will depend on the tabs/extensions being used, every extension/tab will use a process. Chrome (like Brave) is a multiprocess application.

The more accurate task manager is within Brave More ToolsTask Manager

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