Brave eating RAM and CPU memory

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**Description of the issue: Brave browser works good until around 10 P.M but from then onwards it starts to get slowed down and starts to both my CPU and RAM memory. It’s not just a single day, but since the day I installed it.
I tried even letting it run for an hour with and without internet but still had the same problem.
Even though chrome does so much, it is taking less memory and working faster compared to brave.

The image is after letting it run for 20mins. How I can get an answer back **
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Probably by running it at night maybe

Brave Version: 1.14.81

Additional Information: this even happens when u don’t even open a tab as the browser hangs instead of working so can’t even open a single tab, had to wait 10 mins just so that I could tell the browser version

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