Performance issues on Windows 11

Experiencing same issues and noticed many brave users are experiencing same issue from last few month (from community posts) no solution seems to work tried all mentioned in this post I am using
Version 1.61.101 Chromium: 120.0.6099.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)
With windows 11
for me issue does not occur until I open a lot of tabs(around 20) then whenever i try to open new tab screen blanks out for a few second (5-10) and an alert message popup with page unresponsive text
I am able to open as may windows as I want in chrome with same extensions as I have i brave and it works fine.
Also brave mobile works fine too its just the web is causing some problem.

A lot of what is in that post you linked to are troubleshooting steps. So you’re saying you’ve tried with private window? Created a new profile and made sure not to change settings or add extensions? Tested on Brave Beta and/or Brave Nightly?

Do you have Memory Saver enabled?


Have you changed anything in brave://flags?

yes once I was facing some problems with youtube in brave so I change them while trying some methods to fix that form the brave community. But now I reset it to default but the problem still continues.

Which pages are causing the issues, and how many tabs? Is HW Acceleration enabled? also GPU drivers need to be up to date. Test in private window mode.

Depending on the ram and the amount of tabs open, memory saver will kick in and silently put the oldest tabs to sleep. Maybe test in Brave Nightly, uses a sperate profile. and test there also.

Situation has cleared but occured at Brave startup after freshly restarting my system. have been associated with turning off ad blockers, although not immediately. Turning around blockers back on was the only thing I did that had any impact and ot actually appears to have cured the issue.

@HardKofi I do not like to assume, so I’m going to repeat. I asked if you tried in private window?

Then if you can create a new profile?

Then if can test on Brave Beta or Brave Nightly.

The reply you had that I quoted which says “I change them” and “I reset it to default” does not suggest you did all of those. Perhaps you did and it is language difference, but can you confirm you did each step separately?

It is important because private window opens with no cookies and no extensions. So if it works well there, it tells us it might be an extension or you need to clear cookies.

New profile is a second profile with default settings, no extensions, and no cookies. If it works there, it typically means extensions is your problem but it could also be settings.

If it still occurs in those two places and you do Beta or Nightly and the issue is not there, then it tells us it might be in something that gets adjusted.

All three are very important clues on what is causing your problem. Either it provides a very direct answer or at least narrows down drastically from millions of possibilities.

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