Brave crashing with Windows 11

Brave is one of my favorite browsers. I bought a new laptop yesterday. I installed Brave on my new laptop which has Windows 11.
When I open Brave it is crashing within a few minutes. It comes up with a blue screen error and shows me “Your device is running into some problems” and then restarts. Other browsers are working perfectly.
Now, how can I solve this problem?

Hello. Could you install brave Nightly or brave beta to check if similar behaviour is observed?

Also please go to AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Nightly\User Data\Crashpad\reports

And share reports. @Mattches please have a look. Thanks!

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Brave beta is also crashing. These are some photos of crashing.

I also recorded a video. But I can not upload that here.

Switch to Linux - Problem solved.

Maybe upload video at Google photos and share link here.

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Thanks for your suggestion. But I need Windows.

Video link:

and sorry for the bad video quality.

@Dip issue here is it’s not Brave that’s crashing, it’s your operating system. You may need to make sure to check for any updates to your drivers and BIOS.

Which browsers? For example, did you try on Chrome?

Other thing to ask is for you to try to go to Brave’s settings instead of typing something like While there, go to System and then turn off the toggle for the setting Use hardware acceleration when available.

In the meanwhile, I’ll tag @Mattches on this to see if he can think of anything more to share.

Side Note

It helps if videos aren’t upside down, lol.


Pretty strange/rare that Brave would be causing a full system crash like this — I agree that this is likely a Windows issue as well. I’m also interested to see if you see the same behavior when launching Chrome and/or what other browsers you are using that work without issue. Additionally if this type of crash occurs at any other time other than when Brave is launched?

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Brave is working fine after turning off hardware acceleration.
Only Edge is working properly from the beginning. Chrome was also having problems like this video.
video link:

I was troubleshooting by watching this video. If hardware acceleration is turned off, will there be any performance issues?

Brave was not working despite the Windows update. But now it is working perfectly.
Was the problem with the graphics driver? I have already updated Nvidia graphic driver.
But I am confused to update Intel graphic driver. This is showing me a warning message ( as the screenshot ).
Should I update the Intel driver from Intel’s official website?

Glad to hear you found the solution — HWA can cause all sorts of weird issues.

As for your graphics driver, I think that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. I’d recommend taking a look at some of Intel’s support articles on the subject and figuring out exactly what your current customizations are doing for you that you can decide what is right for your.

Thank you

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