'Payout In Progress' is stuck from past 3 months


I’ve got 19.71 BAT in my Brave Rewards and it is not transferred to my Uphold account. The status is “Payout In Progress” for the last 3–4 months.

I attempted to disconnect and reconnect my Uphold account, but it did not work.

Any assistance is much appreciated.


Thanks for writing in @mddnix, can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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I got the same issue.

same problem with me

Any updates regarding payment?

Same with me too. I missed payout last month and this month too the statement got generated but I didn’t received BATs in my uphold account.
I think uphold now stopped supporting to receive brave creator payments too in restricted regions. Not sure what’s happening between uphold and brave.
Go through the statement screenshot attached.

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