Paying out missing Creator payments

@steeven @sampson hi bro . when payment will send ?

there will be no payment campaign. they are just for fun.

Yes. No payments . very fund

@Asad Any solution ??

No reply, no update? They s-cam our BAT!

When do you pay for Creators? More than a week from your post
@steeven @sampson @eljuno

Still waiting for last month payment

done 't s spaaaam . no scaaam . please !!!

@steeven @sampson today is monday . we dont get any money . we are waitting an update as soon

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It is not long before the end of May and the problem with the publisher rewards still continues, they are not accrediting the confirmed referrals to 100% and in the graph there are also errors. Please accommodate that before June 8 payment.

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I haven’t received anything for three months or more, since I installed BRAVE, it just fell into my account, once and never again.

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@steeven please update some thing . :frowning:

??? why . please let us know

Hi all - thank you for your patience. These payments have not yet been processed, but will be soon.


I think you should pay on June 8 to be better for the system

@steeven and confirmations that have not yet been credited?
I already have more than 7 days with several confirmations and have not yet been credited

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@dwcaos - Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

hi @steeven June 8 will pay sales of April and May? Or will April sales be paid this week?

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Please make payments soon. I need it. Thank you very much! @steeven

I still haven’t received the May payment. Please check it for me.