Passwords gone after update

All my Autofill data disappeared after a browser update.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Let Brave auto update

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.61.104 Chromium: 120.0.6099.115 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

Additional Information:

All the Passwords/Autofill data simply disappeared from the browser. In the File “Login Data” every password is still there. Even in SQLite you can see every single entry still there.
Brave just simply cant open/import/read/decrypt/whatever. All the Passwords are still there just not in the browser. And yes, I am using the same profile, same windows login, same device name. Just that after the Update the data disappeared. And it seems like it was only the Passwords since even bookmarks were still there.

Why isn’t there an option in brave to simply open the login data file?


When creating a new Profile and copying the login data file into that profile it only imports the passwords that were saved after the update/loss happened.

@Presstonns check all details in initial post at NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and try to provide some of the details on that topic that they ask for under Advanced data to gather and Basic data to gather.

What OS:


Brave version:


When/how/what actions were taken when the data loss occurred (eg, Did the browser crash? Did this occur after a system restart? Did this occur after an update? etc.)

Just starting up the browser like normal. It did an auto-update and the “whats new” tab opened. From then on the auto-fill was gone. If i remember correctly this already happened to me earlier this year but i just didn’t care as much because no important passwords were lost. It was just an inconvenience. However now there was this password that i would really need back and i can’t.
Time: Might have been around mid-November when that happened. I know im “late” in reporting this but i only needed that password now.

Please tell us exactly what data was lost (was it just passwords? Passwords and bookmarks? All data? etc.).

It was just the auto-fill data. Bookmarks etc was all still there.

Are you using a password manager extension? If so, is Offer to save passwords enabled?



Yes i do have histograms to share.

Once your Login data file is located, open the file using your SQLite viewer and confirm whether or not your data is still present here.

Yes i have confirmed that all old entries are still in the file.


I have had an issue with accessing login data before. It was because i changed the Name of my Desktop/Renamed the Device. This obviously blocked my access to the old brave data under the old device name. I resolved this issue by changing the name back.
This time however i changed the device name to every possible i have had before (i checked that one Windows file that tracks those changes) and yet under none of these device names did brave correctly read all the entries.

Oh and i did not use sync or any fancy extensions.

My two cents (sense?) on passwords would be to use a separate standalone password manager, I have paid for and used 1Password for over a decade (and also set it up for my parents to make it easier for them too), if/since it sounds like you don’t have one I might suggest checking out BitWarden (it’s free but can pay for more features).

(IMO the above website is biased towards Nord Products, not that I don’t think Nord products are good, again just biased there IMO)

I also use Proton and their package of services which includes Proton Pass, which Pass is still quite new but their other products make it worthwhile (at least to me, it can be expensive):

Just be sure to AVOID LastPass

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