Please help recovery Brave Autofill Passwords Lost


One day Im lost all my Autofill Saved passwords.
Checked on the Login Data file with notepad I see all logins and crypted passwords are there

Need Help how recovery data back to Autofill and get passwords back

My details:

  • You are not accidentally using a different/separate browser profile than you normally do --NO
  • You did not accidentally clear any relevant browsing data via brave://settings/clearBrowserData, nor do you have this data set to be cleared “On exit” —NO
  • You did not recently change your system password or have it forcibly changed via an administrator (Windows users only) —YES I changed system Admin password

Brave was latest version [
Version 1.52.130 Chromium: 114.0.5735.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you

Hey. Seems related to

Could you share the info shared by others at the above topic?

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