Parternship with Odysee

Brave can partern with odysee ( or its backend lbry ( with BAT linkage.

Both projects are somewhat similar. If BAT becomes available on odysee for tipping and as an extra alternative to lbry token it would pretty cool.

User will be able to tip BAT to content creators from inside the odysee app unlike youtube/vimeo where brave handles it above the respective sites via Oath creator channel verifications.

Odysee has a really good in-built wallet which deals easily with lbry token and its exchanges with other lbry wallets inside odysee or lbry or other lbry front-ends. They have connected their wallet with Stripe tp convert lbry to USD ($, or other currenies) and also connect to bank accounts.
Wherea brave works with Uphold/gemini to connect their non-verified wallets to outside ecosystem (banks).

Also, the lbry token inside odysee is quite useful compared to Brave’s BAT token (at present, May 2022). The current BAT can only be tipped, whipe the lbry token can do lot’s of things inside odysee.