Make a built-in LBRY fork on the browser

To make possible that LBRY becomes really decentralized, it must be forks of it. Brave has many of the principles of LBRY, so why don’t make it part of the browser?

Of course, the fork should be perfectly compatible with the already existing LBRY network (Brave users should be able to follow and be followed by LBRY users)

This would be an awesome collaboration. Odysee gets 20m+ eyeballs per month now.

As a start, brave can support lbry:// links.

We have an API to provide resolution from the blockchain, but anyone can run their own also.

The links can redirect to or whatever LBRY client the user wishes eventually.

Should I start a new proposal for that, or can this be phase 1 here?

We’d love to support in this effort any which way possible.

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Yep, it can redirect to Odysee if the user wish that too, but I think by default Brave should display those links with the built-in LBRY instance. And the LBC cryptocurrency can be handle by default with the Brave wallet