Bat update information requested

I have been using brave for over a year now and have lost a lot of it due to device issues and an inability to connect/sync said devices. I currently have and since the bat price is at .26xxx I would like to use it to buy an unstoppable domain or just sell it and cash out. Unfortunately, due to upholds kyc and the fact that I use blockchain to avoid the whole centalization of identities I can not access my bat. Is there a way I can tip myself through a creator account to move it to my atomic wallet?
I have perused previous bat posts and there seem to be nothing newer then october of last year.

You’ll still need to KYC. The options for creators wallet is an Uphold or Gemini account. Besides, self-tipping is not recommended CMIIW. 🤷

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yeah, it is not recommended, it can cause several issues

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