BRAVE CREATORS SUPPORT TO ODYSEE CHANNELS [Feature Request/thanks for reading]

Support Odysee on Brave Creators Program

Odysee is the major blockchain based media sharing platform, there are over 50M users and those are already people using decentralized tools like cryptocurrency there, and the network has lots of content about brave.

I think its a perfect combination be able to support creators that use odysee through brave browser and are really opting for using web3 platforms.

Brave and Odysee has much in common and I believe both communities should be joining forces and grow together and I would love to have my odysee channel verified in my brave creators account.

And btw would love to check new features here → please sync your content over Odysee :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for this incredible browser, and for reading.


Hello there
Brave is always innovating and trying to collaborate with other platforms.
Your opinion is very valid and to be considered.
We hope to connect with other platforms soon.

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