Brave Wallet - staking

Will there be BAT staking available in the future?

I’m very curious about that too

You aren’t staking but lending your BAT. Lending bat is already available on gemini, I think it is around 3% APY. You can even auto-lend as soon as your BAT are transferred every month from brave.

Ha! I wish. It might have been at one time but it’s around 1% now. That is better than nothing though. I do like that Gemini offers lots of crypto options in their Earn program.

I was thinking about the brave Wallet, just as I wrote in the post subject.

Will there BAT staking inside the Brave Wallet in the future? bas 2% 3xmonths lock. 0.5% unlocked. If BraveWallet (BW) would beat that, people would prefer to hold BAT in the BW.

@Dni Pardon my off-topic reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Having some type of earning program in the Brave Wallet would be nice. It would also be nice if Brave Rewards could be directly deposited to Brave Wallet. Unless they offer a really outlandish earn rate, recouping the gas fees charged for transferring the BAT to Brave Wallet would probably take years! lol

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