Paid for VPN on iOS mobile. Its working. Doesnt show as my current plan. Can't install on my MacBook Air

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):
iPhone > MacBook Air

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): 13.5.2

Detailed description of the behavior:

I paid for VPN on iOS mobile many months ago. Its working, but it doesnt show as my current plan. It shows that I have a free account. I can’t install VPN+ on my Mac Air. I just paid again (with free trial) in order to access this community forum on my Mac Air. I will cancel this subscription before the 7 day trial ends.

It’s a 2023 MacBook Air

Ah, that’s a mistake. You’re likely creating two different subscriptions. When you do it on iOS , the subscription is done through App Store. VPN subscription on other devices are done through

There are ways to link these together. Instructions for that can be seen at

So what you’ll want to do is make sure to cancel one of your two subscriptions, if you do indeed have 2 running. Either the one in the app store or the one you just set up today, assuming you did it through Brave’s website.